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Welcome To HxRx Automation

Why are we HERE? To give the power of Technology in the Hands of Doctors..!!

You Think of Automation of Hospital/Clinic/Pharmacy/Diagnostic Center. We DID It..!!
Automation of Healthcare Services | Digital Prescription | Electronic Health Record/Management(EHR/M) | Centralised Hospital Management System | Advanced Billing System.

Our Mission

We aspire for the best healthcare facilities for every individual. Nowadays high standard healthcare facilities are available but not accessible to everyone. Hence, there is a need to bust the myth that only money can buy the best healthcare services.

-- "We Care Healthcare"


Advance- Hospital Management System

We can set up and maintain your hospital's network and processes Offline or Online, help in troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. Fastest checkout procedure using the most advance and promising Hospital Management System. This will be the most User-Friendly experience you need for your Multi-Stared Hospital.



Advance- Clinic Management System

We are available to consult with you or your staff for healthcare solutions to your Patient-Doctor-Laboratory-Pharmacy experience. We provide the most unique process in the market of healthcare IT services for everything under one Clinic Management System.



Pharmacy Management System

Quick sales portal, faster SALES, Commission management comprehensive look with all bill, Payment management from a single window. Advance Inventory flow management, Profit/Loss statement, Staff and Customer Management.


ERP - EMR - EHR Solutions

Electronic Resource, Health Records & ERP Solutions.

We will work with you to establish the most secure data maintenance for your Resource planning, Health record management and Backup technique for your hospital and related services. Never miss any data whether you are Online or Offline of your Patients and Inventory.



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